Our Vision

The bridge to creating a positive and inclusive animal foster community.

Our Mission

Foster Dogs, Inc. is the leading organization in creating positive, inclusive foster communities by providing support, experience, and innovative programs.

What We Do

Foster Dogs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects rescue organizations, adopters, fosters, and other partners together in our shared mission to help animals in need. We create a comfortable, welcoming environment through open communication and support. As the leading community resource, we provide expert advice, quality marketing, and several outstanding specialized programs.


Foster Dogs was founded in 2009 by Sarah Brasky. There was a need at the time–and still very much so–for a go-to, user-friendly resource and organization dedicated solely to foster care. This began by focusing on the New York area, and has expanded over the years. Sarah created Foster Dogs after fostering a dog through Animal Care Centers of NYC, and discovered that she could make a difference in promoting this need and opportunity.

Sarah has worked tirelessly to grow and improve Foster Dogs throughout the years, and has helped it blossom from a small blog to a thriving nonprofit organization with several dozen active volunteers and innumerable success stories. 

Foster Dogs is dedicated to the advancement of education about fostering and rescue, and to creating a positive and inclusive foster community. While we are currently focused on the NYC area (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island), we also work to promote fostering nationally around the country.

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2018 Lifesaving Statistics

Beginning in March 2018, Foster Dogs began pulling dogs from the New York City shelter Animal Care Centers. All dogs to date have been seniors (age 7+), some arriving to the shelter as strays, others surrendered by their owners. Each dog experienced life in a loving Foster Dogs foster home during his or her time waiting for an adopter, entering our unique programs including Famous Fosters and Fospice [foster + hospice].

Thanks to Shelter Animals Count, we have the ability to share our lifesaving numbers. Foster Dogs collaborates with animal welfare organizations locally and nationally, as well as foundations and corporations who support animal welfare efforts.

Foster Dogs Inc’s Numbers:

  • 15 dogs came into our care

  • 15 dogs went to loving homes *

  • Live release rate: 100% **


* All of the dogs we pulled from the shelter were placed into foster homes, and soon adopted. Two dogs were placed in “forever foster” Fospice care for the remainder of their lives.

** The Annual Live Release Rate is calculated by dividing total live outcomes by total outcomes. Because we pull dogs for our Fospice end-of-life program, they will be humanely euthanized during time in their “forever foster” home unless they pass away of natural causes. The forever-foster placement functions as an adoption, with continued support from Foster Dogs through the end of the dog’s life, and eliminating the often-crippling financial and emotional burden from the caretaker.