Board of Directors

Sarah Brasky

Sarah is the Founder and Executive Director of Foster Dogs. With a background in dog rescue and animal welfare, visual arts, education, youth leadership, hospitality, and marketing, Sarah has dedicated her post-graduate life to ensuring that Foster Dogs Incorporated benefit more people and animals every year through unique and welcoming approaches.

Sarah is a graduate of Binghamton University with a BA in Cinema, and earned a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University.

Sarah and her husband live in Brooklyn with their two small kids and two "foster fail" dogs Ozzie and Shaggy @ozzieandtheaussie.

Photo by @nycpetphotographer

Photo by @nycpetphotographer

Photo by @realhappydogs

Photo by @realhappydogs


Dorie and her former companion Chloe Kardoggian became involved with Foster Dogs Inc’s Fospice program several years ago, having raised over $20,000 for this program over the years, After Chloe’s passing, the program was renamed “Chloe’s Fospice Friends” and continues saving super-senior and terminally ill shelter dogs constantly with the help of Kimchi and Cupid, Dorie’s rescue seniors. Dorie is also the talented graphic designer behind our Foster Dogs “What to Expect When You’re Fos’pecting” manual.

Dorie, Kimchi, and Cupid live in Connecticut.

Kevin Hsieh

Kevin is an engineering lead at WeWork, running a team that builds and maintains back-office systems integral to the company's success and rapid expansion. As part of the Foster Dogs board, he hopes to use his experience to increase operational efficiency and drive innovation around the process of fostering animals. His first initiative is relaunching the Foster Roster application to better support local rescue organizations and dogs in need.

Kevin and his adopted dog Finley @kevandfinn live in South Brooklyn. Together, they have fostered several dogs through Foster Dogs.

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New to the Foster Dogs board in 2019, Eric is eager to help support animal rescue! He is a CFA/CPA at Credit Suisse, formerly at UBS, Cowen, & PWC. Eric and his wife live in Manhattan, with their happy household of rescue pets: four NYC-rescue cats and their rescue dog from Romania: Kara.

Tara Bahl

A volunteer with us since 2012, Tara is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Guttman Community College (CUNY). She has worked as an educator in youth leadership and development, and as an adjunct professor of education at a number of colleges in New York City. She has a master’s degree from NYU and a PhD in Urban Education from CUNY Graduate Center.

Tara coordinates our Foster Education series for new volunteers, started in 2015. She also runs the popular Instagram account, Dogs Who Brunch, after her love of brunch and dogs. Tara and her husband live in Manhattan with their rescue beagle Ginny and senior rescue addition Homer.

Photo by @nycpetphotographer

Photo by @nycpetphotographer


Sarah Gross Feoli

Sarah is the owner of Rescue Chocolate, a vegan chocolate company based in Brooklyn with a charitable mission. She is also the co-founder of U.S. Veg Corp., a national vegetarian organization that promotes the cause through food-and-drink events. Foster Dogs received over $2,000 in 2017 as Rescue Chocolate's rescue recipient throughout the year. Sarah has been involved with Foster Dogs since our beginnings, having adopted the first dog on our website: Mocha. Mocha and Sarah helped us win $5,000 from the Petco Foundation for their Holiday Wishes Grants, telling their amazing rescue story. See the beautiful video of their story.

Sarah and her husband live in Brooklyn with their young son and their beloved shelter-rescue Mocha.

Photo by @nycpetphotographer

Photo by @nycpetphotographer

Christina Donnelly

Long-time foster mom and volunteer for Foster Dogs (since 2014), Christina works as Director of Special Projects at BARK. Christina graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, and has worked and traveled all over the world. Her first foster dog also become her “forever” dog: @stelladigs. She and fellow volunteer and foster parent Vladic live in Brooklyn with Stella.

Through Christina’s encouragement, Foster Dogs has connected with many corporations in New York City in order to promote adoption and fostering, and helped start our recurring Rescuer Happy Hour series 2017-2019, to encourage collaboration between local animal shelters and rescue organizations.


Administrative Assistant


Steering Committee*

  • Amelia Follett: Coordinator: Nashville Pilot Program

  • Elana Buchalter: Coordinator: Foster Roster Outreach

  • Fiona Lee: Coordinator: Social Media

  • Kaiti Murphy: Coordinator: Volunteer Staffing

  • Katherine Chala: Co-Coordinator: Education

  • Leslie Harris: Co-Coordinator: Fospice

  • Megan Penney: Coordinator: Event Dog Recruiting

  • Melissa Ottstadt: Co-Coordinator: Fospice

  • Michelle Lee: Coordinator: Lending Library

  • Nancy Noto: Coordinator: Volunteer Recruiting

  • Samantha Cheirif: Coordinator: Website Copy & Shelter Pulls

  • Samantha Friedberg: Coordinator: Corporate Partnerships

  • Stacey Axelrod: Coordinator: Communications/Creative

* Not including board members or our many team volunteers

Many of the professional images on and our printed materials are courtesy of the following photographers who have donated their time and skills to our organization: Stacey Axelrod, Marshall BopreyMilla Chappell, Shaina Fishman, Sophie GamandLeslie Leda, Cynthia LeeRobert Stoetzel