Smokey Found His Family

Kaiti and Robert with Smokey the Bear, by Real Happy Dogs

Kaiti and Robert with Smokey the Bear, by Real Happy Dogs

Written by Foster Dogs Inc volunteer and foster mom Kaiti Murphy

When my boyfriend and I first welcomed Smokey into our home as a foster, we took one look at him and we were sure he wouldn't be with us long just based on how cute and spunky he is.

After getting to know him and realizing some of his quirks, like his separation anxiety, it made finding him a home a little more difficult. He received compliments on his looks and liveliness from everyone he met, and had meet and greets with a handful of prospective adopters. None of them resulted in a commitment of a forever home. After he spent some time away from us while on a trial adoption, I realized how greatly I missed laughing at his antics, seeing him sprint around with glee at the sight of an empty dog park all to himself, and just his loving companionship in general. We clearly had a bond and I wanted to make a commitment to love and care for him for the rest of his years on earth.

In human years, Smokey is older than my boyfriend and myself combined, but in no way does that affect the amount of love he shows us on a daily basis. I didn't want to miss another opportunity to make him a permanent part of our family. 

smokey kaiti.png

Foster parents Kaiti and Robert began fostering senior mix Smokey the Bear through Foster Dogs Inc nearly four months ago, straight from NYC ACC.

Through dog training support from Gonzo Dog, medical care from Animal Kind Vet in Brooklyn, custom illustrations by @dailydogdrawings, promotion from Susie’s Senior Dogs / Dogs of Shelters / Boris & Horton / The Dodo, among many others, a Wisdom Panel DNA test, glamorous photo shoots with Pawmiscuous / NeelySnaps / PutaWoofOverMyHead / Real Happy Dogs, and tons of volunteer help with transportation and advice — Smokey landed exactly where he needed to be!

He has a heart murmur and doesn’t like to be alone, which made it tough to find the right home. After our latest unsuccessful meet and greet, Kaiti and Robert decided it was meant to be: Smokey was already home. Thanks to all who shared his story. We are so happy for our fuzzy little grizzly bear!

View Smokey’s original post on our website. Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Susie’s Senior Dogs, Smokey will receive heart medication through the remainder of this year.