Only YOU Can Adopt Smokey the Bear [ADOPTED]


Meet our adoptable little senior Smokey the Bear


10-11 year old Smokey the Bear acts so youthful that people are surprised to hear his age when they first meet him. He’s constantly mistaken for a younger guy! For someone who enjoys the overall calmness of an older dog, but looking for one who still enjoys adventures and errands, Smokey is your match. He’s fine with cats and mellow dogs, and would ever prefer to be your only pup. Looking to add a little more love to your life? Smokey is your dog!

Smokey enjoys his walks and does a great job of letting you know when he needs to go outside. His favorite things to do are marking posts on his walks and finding his way under blankets for snoozing. His dislikes are being left alone and other dogs getting in his face and/or trying to become best-buds.


Smokey is good with men and women alike. He likes staying close to you and is a happy guy.

Smokey is looking for a retirement home where he can sleep on your lap all day or cuddle up next to you. The perfect family for Smokey will have someone who is home most of the day to keep him company and can accompany him on his walks, or someone who can bring him to work every day.

Smokey has a heart murmur, but that does not slow him down in the least. He is housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered.

Reach out to arrange a meet-and-greet in NYC, with Smokey the Bear. Apply for our little bear here!


Photos by @putawoofovermyhead and @pawmiscuous