Only YOU Can Adopt Smokey the Bear

Meet our newly adoptable little senior Smokey the Bear!


When he’s not patrolling national parks preventing forest fires, he’s loving life in foster care in Brooklyn. This 10 year old 15 pound active, happy, friendly, smart, perky “big-dog-in-tiny-package” is officially ready to accept adoption applications!

Smokey has a serious heart murmur and takes a daily medication (2 times daily) for his little heart. He is otherwise healthy, and it might not affect his life at all! He has had full vet evaluation, is neutered, and is working on gaining a few pounds.

His beautiful whispy coat is getting nice and shiny with good nutrition and love!

smokey valentine.jpg

Smokey is tolerant of other dogs when out and about, but is not interested in playing or mingling, so we think Smokey would prefer to be your only doggie child so he can soak up the love! He can live with another chill dog who isn’t interested in being close buds.

He has shown positive signs of being okay living with cats. As long as the cat doesn’t attempt to become his bff, it could be a good relationship. (Little man likes his space).

Smokey has separation anxiety, which can be trained for through routine and positive reinforcement. He currently has trouble being alone at home, and will whine. So we would like to see him find someone who will bring him with them a lot, and/or can work on improving his separation anxiety.

Apply for our little bear here!