Yogi Bear is Ready for a Home! [ADOPTED]

Meet Yogi, he’s “smarter than the av-er-age bear




This little 11 year old Shih Tzu is officially ready to accept adoption applications!

Yogi was pulled from the local city shelter, NYC ACC, a few weeks ago. He was extremely matted with nails too long to walk on, infected ears, and malnourished, with a cough. After a few weeks in foster care, some vetting including a dental to remove his last 2 teeth, and a gorgeous grooming, this little bear-Muppet hybrid is feeling so much better and is ready to find his new home!

Yogi does have a heart murmur, as is common in older dogs, but it shouldn’t affect his life (please don’t ask him to run a marathon, though). He has no teeth left so would probably enjoy soft food! He might have some slight arthritis in his back legs, as is also common, but he loves to walk outside and can go up a few stairs or is totally fine being carried. He might be hard of hearing, but it doesn’t affect him at all other than not being able to hear his name.

Yogi likes other dogs! In fact, sometimes he likes them a little too much and will put his paws up on them if he’s feeling sexy (he might try to hump, but adjusts in time). He can’t help it, he just loves everyone! He would be happy to have a doggie sibling of any size that doesn't mind if he does this a few times as he gets settled in. Because he’s hard of hearing, he might need help hearing if another dog is growling at him, so should be supervised during doggie playtime when meeting new friends. He’s easy with cats, and doesn’t seem to care about them.

Yogi is both crate trained and house-trained (though a few accidents are normal as any dog settles in.). He’s currently in foster care in Brooklyn, NY. He is non-shedding, and will need grooming in the future.

yogi bear.JPG