Gilligan Finds His Skipper: A Happy Tail

Written by Foster Dogs volunteer Nancy Noto, mom to ACC rescue Linus and foster mom to several seniors over the last few years


I picked Gill up from ACC last month as a volunteer with Foster Dogs. After a weekend with us, we were so in love, and excited for him to find an amazing longer-term foster or adoptive home! Unfortunately his next foster didn't work out and when I got the call to pick him back up, my heart skipped a beat; I just had this feeling he was coming back to his forever home. 


Gill is my 4th senior foster and something felt a bit different this time. Gilligan is so very sweet, and silly. He is a champion cuddle bug and goofball. But beyond his energy and spunk, the main difference from other senior fosters, was that my other ACC rescue dog Linus didn't totally hate him! Linus tends to ignore or sometimes even actively avoid our other fosters. (He just isn't too social). But from Day 1, Linus was incredibly tolerant of Gilligan. And after a very short amount of time, Linus wasn't just tolerant of Gill, but actually seemed to like him! They were laying right next to each other on the couch, sharing toys, and Linus just seemed so calm and relaxed around him. 


Gilligan always seems to have a smile on his face and his fluffy tail is constantly wagging. Gilligan just comes towards all people and other dogs with such joy and trust, which seems to be having a positive impact on Linus. So while I loved Gilligan right away and had a feeling he may be home already, I would say Linus really sealed the deal by accepting Gill, as if he decided Gilligan was already in his forever home. We are so happy to have "foster failed!"

Fospice mom Tracy with Albie & Tugboat, and Nancy with Linus & Gilligan: All ACC rescues!

Fospice mom Tracy with Albie & Tugboat, and Nancy with Linus & Gilligan: All ACC rescues!

Photos by Cynthia Lee @putawoofovermyhead, for Foster Dogs Incorporated