Four Awesome Adoptable Foster Dogs [ADOPTED]

[All ADOPTED 2018!]

Meet our adorably fabulous foursome! Want to adopt? Complete our application now.



This family-friendly sweet Puggle is around 46 lbs (still has a few more lbs to lose), 9 years old, dog-friendly, has been great with kids, not a big barker. He thoroughly enjoys chewing on sticks of all kinds, and goes to town on a good Nylabone. Lionel recently had a large lump removed and is available to go to a forever home soon. Just check out the smile on this handsome potato! Photo by @realhappydogs



Our vivacious young-senior Mimi is around 8 years old and very tiny. She’s a Yorkie, possibly a Maltese-Yorkie: Morkie. She’s in foster care with dogs and cats, and is doing well. Not a fan of dogs trying to take her toys, so it’s helpful if her new canine-housemates are disinterested in toys and/or not reactive to a sassy little pup.

Mimi has all her medical care sponsored by Susie’s Senior Dogs while in foster, including a full two-surgery mastectomy and spay (she had years of neglected lumps covering her belly). Her foster mom has helped her heal and to feel great. Mimi is obsessed with people and a total love nugget.



We were smitten with this handsome 10 year old 16 lbs Bichon Frise when we met him at ACC Brooklyn, and now we can help him feel better with a full dental treatment at the vet and happy foster home. Finn is looking for a home with someone who is either home a lot, or can take him to work. He loves being with people! He’s great with other pets (he’s lived with a small and a large dog, and a rabbit). And he’s just a fun-loving nice guy.



Grumpy Cat / Monkey Chewy left Animal Care Centers recently, and got a major grooming session to get rid of all that matted mess. She is around 11 years old, and is gaining necessary weight in foster care. She’s called many names: ChooChoo, Rooster, Roo, Miso.

Chewy makes Chewbacca sounds when she wakes up in the morning. She’s a hilarious creature. She’s easy-going around other animals and doesn’t seem to mind much of anything. She is a Pekingese, and will likely have a full mane again in just a few months time (regular brushing is a must!).

All four dogs were rescued in October from Animal Care Centers of NYC [ACC], and have been thriving in foster care through Foster Dogs Inc. All are dog-friendly, and have each received complete medical care through our veterinary partner Animal Kind, in Brooklyn. Four senior dogs, five surgeries between them. What a month it’s been! They are all available to homes within a 2-hour drive of NYC. Adoption fee: $250, and they are microchipped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and have received medical care.