Adopt Baloo and get all the Bear Necessities of Life!

Meet our senior boy Baloo, he’s the kindest, gentlest big bear in the whole jungle!



Want to know Baloo’s favorite thing? Rolling slowly into your lap like a 10-lb lapdog! He has no idea that he’s a giant - please don’t tell him.

Our sweet gentle giant Baloo is ready to accept adoption applications! We pulled him from the city shelter after hearing rave reviews from every shelter staff member and volunteer, one of whom called him “everyone’s boyfriend.” And it’s true, he falls in love with every person he meets! His favorite activity is laying his giant head in your lap, followed by cuddling, and finishing up with snuggles.

Baloo has been fully vetted, vaccinated and neutered and is healthy! His age is estimated at 7ish. He doesn’t have puppy energy, but likes to take walks and half-plays fetch (he forgets to actually bring back the toy the whole distance).


His foster mom says: “Baloo is one of the nicest dogs we’ve ever fostered. He is a giant marshmallow in a dog’s body. When he hears me coming home his whole body wags, and he gets so excited to see us he Scooby doo runs around the apartment. He loves every single person he’s ever met, and gets so excited when company comes over because it means more people to give him belly rubs. He will sit down at your feet for pets, then flop his big body over so you’ll rub his belly. If you try to stop too soon he will gently paw you to remind you to keep going. He would love to go to an office or be a shop dog, as he loves being around his people and meeting new ones. He is happy to take a ride in the car and hops into the backseat and sits nicely. He is also housetrained and crate-trained and will go right into his ‘bed’ if asked. He’s a doll baby, and we adore him and can’t wait for someone to experience all the love he has to give.”


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Professional photos by Stacey Axelrod @nycpetphotographer

Baloo LOVES to cuddle!

Baloo LOVES to cuddle!